Fast Fiction Update

This post is a clarification of some of the earlier comments I made about fast fiction. I want to make it clear that the “fast” in fast fiction doesn’t pertain to the writing of it. The point of it is to enable fast reading for time-constrained readers. The process of writing fast fiction is actually slower than it is for conventional fiction, because the writer can’t ramble on and the editing process is far more ruthless. Fast fiction is based on the premise that reading should be more like it was when we were children. It should be more about eating ice-cream than eating your vegetables. Fast fiction isn’t intended as a replacement for conventional styles of fiction, but rather as an addition that will provide another alternative to readers.

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2 Responses to Fast Fiction Update

  1. rachelkovacs says:

    For fun, read this crazy story about an alcoholic relative who comes to town and wants to move in. You decide the fate of the story at

  2. Tiny Fiction says:

    I have to agree. The time I’ve spent agonizing over the perfect word so I don’t upset the balance of a Twitter story! But isn’t it the challenge that makes it so much fun?

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