Sociological Sophistication

It’s encouraging to see the protests taking place on Wall Street. This kind of action employs the effect of “medialization” to redress the impression that all is fine with our current economic arrangement. Prior to these protests the “gang of spielers” on Wall Street were not getting much pushback through the media.

The discouraging aspect of the protest is the apparent lack of marketing savvy among the protesters. Sadly, it seems that they have not developed a long-term marketing plan into which the protests could fit as one component of a strategy to win the public support necessary to enable reforms. They seem to have fallen prey to the mistake of believing that good ideas will sell themselves.

The present economic arrangement exists not because it’s a good one but because it’s been deliberately and cleverly sold to the public. Similarly, an improved economic arrangement will win public support, not just because it’s better, but because it too has been deliberately and cleverly sold.

Having a solid understanding of how any campaign of ideas succeeds is a condition I refer to as sociological sophistication. I believe that having a higher degree of sociological sophistication enables all individuals to better evaluate the social constructs being pitched to them. I think this is especially important for those assuming leadership positions in the push for progressive change.

It was with this goal of sociological sophistication in mind that I wrote ZombieStop Parade using the drama of the fictional format to more fully engage the reader. The intent of the novel is not to describe a specific situation but rather to show how the current situation fits into an ongoing pattern. The hope is that the book will foster an increased appreciation of how political messaging is marketed on a societal scale.

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